About Me  

Jayaraj J

 Learn and build new stuffs || Hacker and maker || Volunteering to make a difference  || FOSS Enthusiast 

Hello there! My name is Jayaraj J. I am a neophyte Developer discovering the ways of code, helping others, exploring new horizons, and building communities. Fascinated by technology, I like to use my skills to solve problems, try new stuffs. If not working, unlearn things, try again is my way. Learning from mistakes is one of the important thing I learned from last 20 years, and that's what motivates me. Since my majority commits are mistakes, bugs don't make me depressed, yeah it feels sad sometimes though :/ Loves open source, help fixing bugs, soclialize (little), learn from others and likes to volunteer.

In my spare time, I would chill out with friends, talk about why Linux is better and yeah, if someone needs my time, help them out to learn or to fix bugs. Being from a calm village in the mid-Kerala, I love to spend time with nature, makes me feel refreshed. I have learned a lot about web development, machine learning, deep learning, backend development, hybrid cloud, at surface level, with aiming to make meaningful contributions to open source, that can make an impact.

Check out my projects to see what I've been up to! Or check out my blog to see what's recently caught my eye! Check my home page to contact me, I really like to make new friends.

I am currently looking for internship opportunities! If you like what you see, let's get in touch!

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