I have made this portfolio website using GatsbyJs. Gatsby is a React-based open-source framework for creating websites and apps.

It's great option whether you're building a portfolio site or blog.

This site heavily depends upon Gatsby, its starter, and plugins. Gatsby is best optimized for its SEO functionalities. When it comes to portfolio website, Gatsby as a framwork is the best. Due to its best in class static generation, and SEO capablities, I have preferred Gatsby over Nextjs or any other xyzJS.

Except other functionalities of this site like dynammic markdown rendering using Gatsby plugins, and GraphQL queries usage to special fields, one of the importan thing here is the dark mode.

You can turn on dark mode by clicking the button find the button at top page, then you could expect the complete styling change by Gatsby, shown here is few examples of the page: The home page can be visited using code button at the top right corner.

Home Dark Mode

This one shows the completed about page:

About Dark Mode

If you like to learn more about the project, just ping me over the contact details given at the home page. I'm happy to help you out.